This latest headset from Plantronics offers more features and more options, but at a competitive price of just £16. This Plantronics M70 headset is so lightweight and comfortable you may actually forget you’re wearing it at all. It is incredibly easy to set up as well, you just follow the voice prompts to select language and other options then you are good to go. You can control music tracks and volume without touching your smartphone and you get HD audio clarity when using the Plantronics M70 for handsfree mobile phone operation.

Battery performance is good and the DeepSleep hibernation mode deactivates your headset when out of range from your paired phone, this feature can keep the headset charged for up to six months! The dedicated buttons on the headset make it easy to control music or streaming audio and you get automatic headset battery meter on screen if you are an iPhone user (also now enabled for Android smartphones if you use the free Plantronics battery widget app). Every time you switch the headset on, you get a voice reminder of the current battery life! You also get a choice of using the earloop or just the springy earbuds, both are pretty comfortable.

The Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Headset is quick and easy set up, plus you can connect to two Bluetoth devices so can set it up to easily answers calls from two phones (great if you have a mobile for work and a separate phone for personal use). The soft earbuds are comfortable even after hours of use and it is simple to control your music and phone. Wideband-enabled phones get HD audio but the clarity of handsfree calls on all smartphones seems to really good, with only the worst and noisiest of conditions giving any problems.