The Netamo Thermostat allows you to control your home’s heating from anywhere in the world, replacing your old thermostat and adding hugely convenient smartphone control for your heating system. With the Netamo Thermostat, as long as you have reception on your smartphone, you can control and monitor your heating from anywhere in the world. The system is controlled remotely via a smartphone app which is free and easy to use. Using this mobile app you can easily change the temperature, turn the heating off completely or set up programs based on time or even proximity. During the winter there is a Frost-Guard mode which will not completely cut off the heating to protect pipes from damage.

Over time the Netamo Thermostat can actually learn your preferences in terms of heating and then using the outside temperature as a guide will make automatic adjustments to the temperature to suit you! It can also help you save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Every month the system will automatically send you a personal energy saving report so that you can easily track heating use and energy consumption, providing all the information required to make the adjustments required to make your home heating system the most efficient possible. The Netamo Thermostat has a minimalist design that looks good anywhere and there are also five interchangeable colour bands to match your rooms decor. The thermostat clearly displays the current and target temperature at a glance, while everything else can be viewed easily via the app on your phone or tablet. Fitting the Netamo Thermostat will make a big difference to your home and bills and the thermostat can be purchased with installation included for you, you just need to give Netamo a call and allow 7 days notice they will book and guide you through the entire installation process.