The new Beats Studio headphones from Dr Dre are now wireless and come with controls on the ear cup and a built-in mic. The rechargeable battery is good for 12 hours of wireless operation through Bluetooth, or up to 20 hours if plugged into your audio device. The headphones themselves are the same excellent units as before with adaptive noise cancellation, just with no wires! You can now answer calls, skip songs, and adjust the volume right from the curvy and sleek headphones with no visible screws. The soft ear cups with specially designed ergonomic bellows create a flexible and comfortable fit for every head shape and the Bluetooth will stay connected up to 30 feet from your audio device so you can roam free and keep the music playing. The renowned Beats Acoustic Engine makes your listening experience incredible whether you are into rock, hip-hop, pop, electronic or R&B -the music sounds like it would if the artist was playing it for you in person!

A great feature with these headphones is the ability to put the world on mute. You can silence the noise with the dual-mode Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology, even when you are not listening to music, this feature will automatically increase the level of noise cancellation when no music is playing to put the entire world on mute for you! The battery fuel gauge is useful too so you always know how much juice is left, plus the unit can be charged via micro USB almost anywhere with no special adaptors required. In addition to the great performance, these headphones are designed like a beautiful sports car, streamlined with sexy curves and a modern smooth surface with no visible screws or joins. They are also lightweight and extremely comfortable – one of the best wireless headphones you can buy, highly recommended!.